About the creators


La Metafora del Piccione came up when an `apparently´ stupid idea mixed with a great love story and with the romantic point of view of a stranger in a beautiful city.


la-metafora-del-piccione_creadores2Miguel Murciano was born in Teruel (Spain) on 23th of February of 1986. He felt attracted by photography and the power of image since he was a child. He gets a degree in Audiovisual Communication by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, and later on he gets a master in Digital Cinematography and New Audiovisual Formats by Escuela de Cine y Audiovisual de Madrid (ECAM) and the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos I respectively.

He develops his photography and post-production skills in CEV, Escuela Trazos and Workshop Experience, and working for several producers Jazz Films, Ferrafilm, Epica film, Antiestático, McCan, El cañonazo, Veni video vici

All through the time he was in Italy, he mets Corrado Trione. They meet in several film projects (Altroquando, Felici e Contenti…) and they started developing projects together. The first of these was the short film “Noi/2”, where Miguel was the photography director and post producer. The film is nominated and awarded in several film festivals. This led to the making of “La metafora del Piccione”.

Nowadays, he keeps working as a freelance in several short films (as the awarded “En directo” by Wenceslao Szyzoryk), advertisements and web projects. And he combines all of this with his work in the fashion photography.


la-metafora-del-piccione_creadores3Corrado Trione was born in Torino (Italy) on the 17th of September of 1984. He gets top marks in the School of Literature of Torino. He always was called to be a writer. He started working in theatre plays influenced by some of his friends, who where actors. He is successful from the beginning of his career with librettos like the dancing play “La bella addormentata” and several sketches and stand up comedy included in wide circulated theatre productions.

Most of his works are nominated and awarded in several contests all around Italy.

At the same time, he attended to the screenwriting degree of the “Scuola Holden” in Torino.  Then, he started working in several fields of the shootings he was involved into. This led him to get a solid expertise in filming. The first short film he writes and directs is “Noi/2”, which gets a positive reception and is awarded with the “100 ore di Torino”, the audience award in the “Restart film festival” and it is nominated by the jury of the “Piemonte local film festival” to the final round. After that, he started writing the script of several award wining advertisements and music videos. He directed them in an extraordinary way. He was awarded for a Gillette spot and for the music video “Il giardino delle arance”.


He writes and directs the short film “Forse”  and an audio-short film called “La caposala” for the “Associazione Museo Nazionale del Cinema” and for the Torino council.


In 2012 his theatre play “27 Campagne” is performed for the first time. The play tells the adventures and misadventures of the young Cesare Pavese (italian writer). It was a smash hit either for the critics and the audience. “La verità degli aranci” is also performed and chosen by the Gran Paradiso National Park as the official play of the summer time.


Now, he teaches a course of theatre scriptwriting in several schools and piamonteses associations. He writes for the art blog www.imperfect.it and he managers the Teatro Fernandi di Valperga (Torino). His artistic labor joins his work as a librarian, consultor and cultural operator for the Fondo Ambiente Italiano in the historial library of the Castillo de Masino (Torino).