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La Metafora del Piccione  won the award for best short film in the 14th annual Piemonte Movie GLocal Film festival.

The award ceremony took place on March 14th 2015 where the judges wished to emphasize their confidence in their decision at the time the award was presented stating:

In a year where ornithology enthusiasts can find such great success throughout the world, from Birdman to A pigeon sat on a branch reflecting on existence, the winning movie of the film festival en Venice, the Piemonte Movie Film Festival would also like to confirm the award winning movement of La Metafora del Piccione directed by Miguel Murciano for its originality, brilliantly constructed scenes, and coherent direction earning the Toret Award along with a 1500€ cash prize.

The director himself traveled to Turin to receive the award, praising the effort and collaboration of all 60 people who participated in the project and also for their patience during the 2 years it took to finalize the short film.

We the team of La Metafora del Piccione feel extremely proud of the award and hope to be a contending force in future festivals. We want to thank the judges and the organization for their decision, and the media support we have received from accepting this award.

Here you can find some photos and a video from the award ceremony.

piemonte_movie_5 piemonte_movie_4 piemonte_movie_3 piemonte_movie_2 piemonte_movie_1



More information: http://www.piemontemovie.com/site/pmglocalff14-tutti-i-premiati/

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